As we care for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s, we always focus on providing a safe, loving environment. We surround the person with familiar faces, and we always live in the moment. In moments of challenge, we sympathize and redirect. Since Alzheimer’s is incurable, we look for ways to provide the highest quality end of life for that loved one.

While incurable, researchers continue the noble battle to defeat this horrible disease. 2015 ushered in significant advancements in the understand of Alzheimer’s and its mode of action. To help slow or reduce the impact of these modes, drugs such as Namenda and Aricept provide renewed hope, but they only provide temporary relief. 2016 appears to be another breakthrough year as drug manufacturers develop drugs to destroy the plaque buildup that causes Alzheimer’s.

Please see more from the CNBC short video on what causes Alzheimer’s and current remedies.

Announced today, January 8, 2016, a new breakthrough was announced by researchers. Through study of healthy and Alzheimer’s brains, researchers focus on reducing the overall inflammation produced by the disease. By doing so, the effects of the disease can be greatly reduced.

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State of Alzheimer’s Drugs and Medications