Family Testimonial: Angie Bloemer

It was hard for us to realize that our mom had Alzheimer's. We have a family of six, and there was a battle on whether mom needed special care. We concluded yes.

My sister and I had visited another facility; we just didn't feel the same feelings as here. When I walked through the door, the colors, the feel, the warmth .. my heart melted. The people invited us in and asked us to dinner. It was nice to know that we felt that in our hearts this is where mom would like to be.

Mom is a crafty person. When we first got here, they indicated there were many activities available. As a small example, they were blowing a feather across a table. That's what we did with our mom whenever we had her at home previously. The grandkids would sit around the table, and mom would blow the feather. She would get the biggest kick out of it.

Willowbrook and all its helpers are concerned about the whole family. They made us all feel welcomed. If we had any questions, they would answer it. It was hard for us to know what Alzheimer's was and what to look for. They sat us down and told us what will happen next. They told us what will take place and where your mom was at. They also said it would be harder for us than it was for our mom. It was.

This is where mom wants to be. She considers Willowbrook her family; these are her daughters and her sons. It's great to see mom happy.

It also gives us a life. When we had mom at home, it was a struggle for our family. Knowing that the Willowbrook facility does the best care, it warms our hearts. We know she gets a good meal; we know she sleeps well. We know she's well taken care of 24/7. If there's a problem, Willowbrook will call us and tell us of their concerns and tell us what to do. They know mom. They know her better than we do right now, and we are fine with that. We want mom's needs met, and they have given us that peace of mind and love.

When we visit mom, we know mom is healthy and happy. Before, it was a struggle for us. This is a facility that we're happy to have her in.

We wouldn't want her anyplace else.

- Angie