Family Testimonial : Marcia Cox

A year and a half ago, my mom lived in assisted living but was requiring more care than they were able to provide. I contacted Kaye at Willowbrook and asked her to come and evaluate mom, which she gladly did. After the visit it was mutual that it would be best for mom to move to Willowbrook so she could get the care and attention she needed.

As with any change you wonder how things are going to go, especially one with dementia. Our worries were quickly put to rest. She was welcomed into Willowbrook by the staff with smiles and kindness. The openness of the house is wonderful. The residents spend a majority of their day in the living/dining area. This is such a great feature as they are not just sitting in their rooms by themselves. They spend a lot of time interacting with the other residents. The staff keeps them busy with puzzles, reading books, bingo, art, and singing just to name a few of the activities.

When it comes to the food it is THE BEST. The cooks make homemade meals and desserts that are delicious. They also give the residents snacks throughout the day. I love to go around mealtime to get some "home cooking."

This past summer my mom fell and broke her sacrum bone. She was in the hospital for six days. One day the staff brought one of the residents to the hospital to see mom. I will never forget the smile on moms face when she saw this resident and watching the two of them interact. It was truly heartwarming. My mom was later transferred to a nursing home for three weeks to let her break heal. We didn't think she was going to pull through this as she was basically unresponsive and wasn't eating. When she was able to leave the nursing home we brought her back to Willowbrook. The minute we brought her in she smiled seeing the staff and residents and wanted to eat. She knew she was back home.

My brothers and I do not live in the area so we aren't able to be there all the time. Thanks to the wonderful nurses and staff at Willowbrook we are at peace knowing mom is loved and cared for.

The staff is so good about giving out hugs and making sure the residents are cared for. If you are at a time where a decision has to be made about the care of one of your loved ones, Willowbrook is your answer. It is the best decision we made for our mom.

- Marcia Cox