At Willowbrook Memory Support Residences, we have found an innovative way of providing specialized care and services to those with dementia.


“We are grateful to have found Willowbrook and to know that our loved one can remain at the same facility through all stages of her dementia.  We are so grateful for the staff, they treat everyone like they are their family, they are very friendly and patient with the residents and they keep the lines of communication open, but most of all they know how to handle people with dementia.  It’s a comfort to know that there are C.N.A.’s and Nurses on staff 24/7 and that they have a doctor that will make a visit or they can call if there is a problem. This doctor is used to people with dementia, therefore, knowing more than just a family doctor.”

Stacey W. and Michelle W.


“My mom has lived at the Vandalia home since July 2018.  This is the next best thing to living at home with her own family.  We can’t provide the care she requires, and the staff at Willowbrook treat her like family.  They are loving and truly care about her.”

Pam W.


“Willowbrook has been a blessing to our mom.  They are so good to her and other residents.  When I visit my home, I feel like I am greeted by extended family.  They make me feel better about mom living there.”

Tammie J.


“They offer an innovative and unique approach to caring for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  The residents are truly loved and treated like family, this is hands-down, the best option for care and resources in the industry.”

Annie T.